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A post along these lines is way overdue. so here's a little glimpse of what's currently getting massive plays in the world of Pop from the Block...

Aphrodite. "I'm fierce and I'm feeling mighty!" Fierce and mighty are the two exact words I'd use in describing the title track (besides amazing, brilliant, eargasmic etc etc) to Miss Minogue's eleventh LP. It's THE power song of the album, and every time I hear it I have the urge to strut on my imaginary catwalk.

Sex and Violence. Taken from the Scissor Sister's 3rd longplayer, it's one of the most interesting tracks in Night Work and it's absolutely GENIUS from the captivating lyrics to the throbbing synths.

King of Anything. Ah, Sara Bareilles. After hearing snippets of some of her songs on the upcoming Kaleidoscope Heart LP, I'm buzzing with excitement (especially since there's a potential Gravity 2.0) and the first single is nothing short of a catchy, fun, fuck you pop number.

Misery. I have to admit, I didn't exactly warm to the song at first listen, but it gets better and better, especially when it's accompanied by a sexy, violent video where Adam's girlfriend toys with switchblades and rockets.

Cupid Boy. I am in LOVE with this track (along with erm, a 'couple' more). The guitar streak at the beginning sets the mood for the song, intense and sensual. Mmm...

Get Outta My Way. So it's another one off Mighty Minogue's Aphrodite, and this one is a hands-in-the-air track with thrilling oh oh oh's that make it quite fitting as the LP's second single. ZOMBIE!

Last Ones Standing. Example has delivered three outstanding singles off Won't Go Quietly, and Last Ones Standing is keen on being the fourth. It has a bold and incredibly infectious production, yet a sliver of poignance is present.

No Going Back. A rather BIG number by UK artist Rox, one of the standouts in Memoirs. No Going Back possesses a conviction (coupled with THOSE vocals) that's very stirring. As I've said in my review, it's a gorgeous heartwrencher, lush and powerful in its glory.

Stop Trying. INSANELY catchy song from Aussie singer/songwriter Sia. I completely stopped playing the track for more than a week and it manages to creep into my mind at random occasions. It's upbeat and fun like other tracks in We Are Born, but Stop Trying is the best in the bunch.

Fascinate Me. Florrie has proved to be a very promising pop warbler, plus I'm a sucker for free songs. I've mentioned it sounding like a Girls Aloud track circa Tangled Up because it has the same feel as Call The Shots. ALRIGHT, maybe just a very slight whiff of my favourite GA song, but I miss the girls so you can't blame me. (Get your free copy here)

Rich (Fake It Til You Make It). Let me reiterate. REreiterate. Lolene is one of Pop from the Block's most loved artists, and with good reason. Rich is one helluva club stomper and I can't wait until August when Miss Foo Foo checks us in The Electrick Hotel.

Choices. So I've come to a decision that The Hoosiers video is hilariously sad-looking, but the song remains a very good mix of electropop, rock, and indie.

Shampain. So this could have been the Marina and the Diamonds single instead of Oh No!, but it's not. Don't get me wrong, Oh No! is really fab but Shampain tops it a tad bit. It's a rather glamorous song, theatrical in a sense. I feel celestial.

This Night. I know I've posted about this before, but just so you didn't notice (which I assume is right), let me just echo my previous words. "Swedish popstrel Kerima has set her sights on cracking the mean US market, and she's come with a dance smash perfect for summer parties. She may look like your typical pop tart, but Kerima Holm has written songs for many artists, including Swedish Idol winner Agnes Carlsson, selling two million records to date (ooh la la)." There you go.

4 Responses so far.

  1. rcLoy says:

    OMG. So many goodies here, Kylie, Marina, and Scissor Sisters. Gah, I think pop music fan is in heaven these days with all those amazing release. I'm gonna check out the Example and Sia track. I'm intrigued with This Night since Swedish usually means good pop. Get back to you once I preview all those tracks :) *oh, this is my ever first comment in this blog, yahoooo*

  2. Paul says:

    Loving Kylie's album SO much. I get a new favourite each time I play it :) And of course Maroon 5 are all sorts of magnificence. I do adore them so!

  3. rcLoy: Yay first comment! Do check out Kerima's This Night. It's a club stomper! :)

    Paul: Oh same here! I get engulfed in every single track on Aphrodite when I give it a spin. Can't wait for Hands All Over this September!

  4. nikki says:

    I'll have to bookmark this and dig through everything tomorrow morning - perfect for catching up on everything! Yayyy.

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