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Pixie Lott Broken Arrow mock cover
Last time we heard from Pixie Lott, she was warbling about moving on and such, but I guess she's changed her mind since then. Broken Arrow, her new single taken from the re-release of the debut album Turn It Up, takes to a serious tone, with Miss Lott not being able to let go of lost love this time around, saying that it's still in her, "like a broken arrow".

Broken Arrow doesn't wander off Pixie territory, yet it comes across as a little unexpected to me. For instance, the chorus doesn't go, "like a broken arrow, arrow, arrow" or "like a broken arrow, broken arrow, broken arrow". In fact, the title is only mentioned once per chorus (I AM NOT USED TO THIS). I also love the way the lyrics sting a bit: "You can't complete me | He's the part that I'm missing."

The mid-tempo ballad concentrates on Pixie's vulnerability and pain, and her vocals can pull it off without a doubt. The one problem I have is that it lacks a little oomph in its production. I feel like there should be a big instrumental build-up somewhere, actually, anywhere because the lyrics are strong enough to handle it. ("You could be my hero | if only I could let go" are the most memorable lines in there.)

Is it just me or does Broken Arrow sound a tad bit like a The Script tune?



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