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The very first artist I featured back in March was a feisty, LA girl, who doesn't warble bullshit through her songs. You've probably heard of the fact that she made Michael Jackson cry at the tender age of eleven when she sang to him, and while Sky Ferreira has been categorized as another Ke$ha, they couldn't be more wrong because this girl CAN sing her head off. If you've heard her cover Miike Snow's Animal, you'd agree with me in a heartbeat. Sky's been working with amazing people like Bloodshy & Avant, Paul Epworth, and Greg Kurstin, and she's got a video out for her track 17 (buy it on iTunes now!). I reached out to her people for a Q&A, and I am so happy they responded, so here it is!

First off, I'm a fan! I know many are eagerly awaiting an official debut from you, so tell us the details, please.
The record is basically done and should be coming out pretty soon!

How do you find the comparisons between you and other female artists in the industry?
It can be a bit annoying because I'm very much my own person... but I feel like it happens to any "new kid" coming out. They're always "oh she's copying etc etc" no matter who you are.

What makes your music stand out from the rest of the pop tarts out there?
I feel like I have a very distinctive taste and personality. I've had to compromise on my album with one song with my label that is very much a big "pop hit", in order to have a way for the world to see what MY songs are like. Having a good pop song ain't too bad either. I'm not a man-made product. Very much flawed. I feel like didn't sell out, I had to make a risk... and also I'm brutally honest... I'm a shitty liar... which is kinda refreshing and "I DON'T PUT OUT!"- Corrine "third degree" Burns.

I love it that artists reply to their fans on Twitter and Facebook. How do you find the time to do these things?
YOU HAVE TO REPLY! Your fans are everything. Without 'em your record don't mean shit maaaaaan! I do it when I have time or on my phone. That's why I love Twitter now. It's so direct with your fans.

Are there any collaborations you're doing in the future that we'd be surprised to see?
I did co-write a song with Dallas Austin and the queen of pop... Let's see if it comes out!

In your opinion, what ingredients are needed to make a great song?
Anger. Melodies. Secrets.

How do you stay true to yourself in the music biz?
I'm a stubborn person. It's my way or the highway. They don't seem to get that yet...

Do you have any preparation rituals before you write/record/do a show?
Warm up and sing the song in fetal position. I probably shouldn't be telling you this... it might come and haunt me on "Sky Ferreira's Dumbest Quotes" or something.

Britney or GaGa?
Britney because I've been to every concert of hers since I was like 6. Gaga rules though.

Describe your music in three words.
108. Narcissism. Hearts.

Lastly, give us a random fact about yourself!
I hate mayonnaise. (The guy next to me on the plane is putting it on his sandwich. Yuck.)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    She chose Britney! Good choice :D

  2. bek says:

    i love sky!! see her on vsmag.com


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