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Lauren Pritchard
A few weeks ago, I introduced Lauren Pritchard, a name that may be familiar to the musical-savvy, particularly one in the name of Spring Awakening. Yes? No? It doesn't matter, because I'm not here to babble about her being in the original cast along with Glee stars Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff, no! Lauren Pritchard is trading the stage for the recording studio, and hopes to win hearts (and ears!) with her enticing voice.

First off, I'm loving Painkillers! Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?
All the songs on the album were written based off events of my own life, good and bad.

How would you describe your music?
I'd describe it as pop/rock/soul. If Lauryn Hill & Elton John had a baby I think that'd be my music hahahahah...

Do you miss being on Spring Awakening or are you glad to have moved on?
I miss seeing the people everyday. They are the loveliest. But I am so happy to be back doing what I love again. Writing, singing and playing everyday, it's what I wanna be doing.

How has it influenced your musical direction?
I don't think it changed my style very much, but from singing every day in the show it taught me new things about my own voice and ability, which helped when writing the tunes.

What attracted you to the soul genre (I've heard you've refused sweet and no-nonsense pop songs)?
Haha, yes I did haha. I've always listened to soul/jazz music from a very young age. I think because of that it's always been in my head while writing. This may sound cheesy, but I full believe in singing from the heart, from the soul, from deep down within you. That's what soul music is.

Would you go back to doing musicals if given the chance?
Maybe way down the line, but I'd like to focus on music for a good while.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Hopefully still making music, touring and writing!!

Which do you prefer: working in the studio or performing live?
I like both equally. There's a time in your life where you just want to record and the same goes for performing live. I think you need to do both in order to be able to keep a healthy love for doing them. I think you can get worn out just doing too much of one of them.

What's one thing we need to know about Lauren Pritchard?
I love peanut butter!

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