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Remember our little song of the day a while back? Yes? No? Well you should, because Lolene is opening the gates to The Electrick Hotel, and inviting us to an unforgettable, pop-filled extravaganza that's bound to be THE best experience you'll ever have in any hotel, any time! Before she even wrote a single thing on her album, the title The Electrick Hotel had already been coined. Why? Find out below. And true enough, Rich (Fake It Til You Make It) takes care of our finicky ears.

Lolene was nicknamed by her friend "Miss Foo Foo", whom she described as her naughty alter ego, the type who goes to posh clubs and chases dreams. I asked Lolene about Rich, and why she decided to release it as a free download, and she had this to say.
The song is about not having any money but living like you do, which is something I think we can all relate to. It's also about self belief and having faith to realize your dreams whatever they may be. I wanted to give a limited number of copies of the single away for free as a gift to my fans.

How would you describe your music to those who are unaware?

My music is an eclectic mix of awkward pop songs. Most definitely a pop cocktail. You have to shake to it.

I have to ask, why did you name your album "The Electrick Hotel"?

I wanted to create a vacation spot for music lovers. An escape to a pop paradise, so check in and be my audio guest. People may assume that I make electronic music because of the title, but it's a trick as it's pop. It also represents my personality of my need to change things up a bit.

Unsatisfied with the London scene, Lolene moved to Hollywood with nothing on her but her demo CD, and Jonathan "J.R." Rotem (Rick Ross, Rihanna, Britney Spears) took interest in her songwriting. And everything just boomed from there, as she went on to work with famous producers and penning songs for various artists. How does she keep it up?

My absolute undeniable love for music and performance, also I have been blessed with a gift to be able to write for myself and other artists and really feel I was born to do this.

Lolene described The Electrick Hotel as an album with variety, and that each "room" has its own unique offering. So what's the most interesting track in the LP?

I think people would find either "Under the Bus" feat. Sam Sparro or my bonus track Zoo very interesting. Depends how you define interesting.

Are there any artists you're dying to work with, right about now?

Kate Bush, Ace of Base and Prince!

Finally, I asked the lovely Lolene to give us a random fact about herself.

I am obsessed with owls!

I honestly love this girl!

Grab your FREE download of Rich (Fake It Til You Make It) here. Too late.

Lolene on MySpace.
on Twitter. (She replies every once in a while, people!)
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Lolene's official website.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this girl too.. she rocks. she always replies to me twitter also. such a cutie

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