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POP from the Block was created in mid-March 2010 with the intention of pacifying my never-ending boredom. As my love for poptastic tunes deepened, so did my urgency to share insights and opinions on the crazy world of music. POP from the Block grew from a hobby to a habit. Every time a new song came along, posting about it became second nature. Blogging turned into a job--one that I thoroughly enjoy.

Besides delivering accurate news hot off the press, the blog aims to feature up and coming artists around the UK, US, and wherever my ears take me to. Here in the Philippines, the music being played on radio and TV is very limited, to say the least, and this intensified my craving to search for quality pop music that never even reach the shores. Hence, I found myself wading knee-deep in Europop, which propelled me to start POP from the Block in the first place.

So, WHERE O WHERE did I come up with the name POP from the Block, which should always, always, ALWAYS be written with 'pop' in all caps (just kidding)? It's not exactly catchy, not exactly high on creativity either. For some reason, the day I was contemplating blog names, I was listening to... erm, JLo (don't ask), and, well... you know the rest (I assume you lot are smart enough).

Anyway, please do read, comment, and enjoy the site that I've dedicated myself to update with the good, the bad, the ugly, and most importantly, the buzzworthy.