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As the UK pop scene sweeps us into an electrosynth-heavy world, Roxanne Tataei aka ROX sticks her foot in the door and sings a tune packed with so much soul, it's amazingly... amazing. The half-Jamaican, half-Iranian girl from Norbury has been tipped for 2010 success by various magazines and websites such as HMV, The Guardian, NME, MTV UK, and made the shortlist for the BBC Sound of 2010 poll.

Rox's music can be described as a crossbreed of Adele and Duffy's soulful vocals, Macy Gray-style song production, and Corrine Bailey Rae's laid back feel. The lyrics of My Baby Left Me screams with conviction as Rox croons, "so who’s to blame for the messy ending, you say it’s me but we’d be pretending, you work your dirt just like a pro..." but the song itself is a lively affair with a feelgood tempo which News of the World dubbed as "the bitchiest break-up song EVER." In contrast to this, No Going Back has a darker vibe with Rox pouring her heart out on these lines "no going back on this one... 'cos all the hurt has been done", resulting in an equally brilliant track.

When I asked her about her debut album, Memoirs, Rox had this to say,
"I think you should expect a few things from the album. For me, this album has many layers and textures. It's mostly about relationships and the emotional rollercoaster I went through. I think it's an album people can connect and relate to, especially women. We've all had our hearts broken... But listen, it's not all doom and gloom, PROMISE!"
Basing on her four tracks on MySpace, this will be one soul-packed record with tinges of reggae and infused with a lot of sass.

Though critically-acclaimed, My Baby Left Me barely entered the UK charts, and when I mentioned what she had in mind were she not in the music business, she answered,
"Mmmm, If i wasn't in the music business I reckon I'd quite like to be a landscape designer somewhere in the South of France...I love the outdoors and I especially have a thing for flowers... I'm such a girl at heart! Ha!"

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  1. Anonymous says:

    IDK but I'm really excited about her. Awesome interview! :x

  2. @Ken: Thanks! Rox kicks ass.

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