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Music videos are a big part of singles, and I'm not just talking about a record's marketing and exposure, because these videos may tell another side to the story of the song, offering new perspective, or express some aspects of a track which may have been confusing without it. Music has grown rapidly with the help of visual art. The variety of these videos range from storytelling, to artistic imagery, full utilization of the green screen, animated scenes, mind-blowing graphics, three-part cliffhangers, and many other forms. Some may be raunchy, others may be a snooze fest, and a handful might be absolutely brilliant. Well, whichever it is, the truth of the matter is we all love a good visual when we bop along to a song. I'd like to introduce a new segment (if it goes well) that "dissects" music videos.

To get things started, I've chosen a very artistic video courtesy of Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Bittersweet. Blimey, I admit that this got me started on the whole segment. Because of the amazing song, SE-B had to match it with an even more amazing video. It starts off using a slow motion shot, which is very present throughout, and I find the utilization of very simple props creative. Who knew that throwing paint at SE-B's face would lead to a shot like this:

Bittersweet is a very electro, cool, smooth song, and Chris Sweeney (director) did a hell of a job emanating these very elements. The parts with the six dancers are superb and I love the build-up of the scenes as the video gets to the chorus.

The beauty of it all is that everything was shot on plain backdrops, and they made use of light play, glitters, bubbles, a hula hoop, petals, cloth... basically stuff you find in birthday parties!

Bittersweet is a track about an irresistible albeit unhealthy love affair, and the video celebrates the former, which SE-B described as "the sensual side to the lyric", though the first bits delve into the "good Sophie" as Chris Sweeney says.

The video is definitely on the artistic side, but it tells a little story as well when you read between the lines. The thing I love about this the most is that it's not over-the-top. Simple yet dramatic.

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  1. Ken says:

    I really like it. Nice job.

  2. Thanks! I was having second thoughts.

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