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DO YOU WANT TO SCORE ONE BLOODY HOT SINGLE FOR FREE? ARE YOU READY TO CHECK IN THE MOST ELECTRICK OF HOTELS? Yes? Of course! Courtesy of Bristol babe pop tart Lolene, Rich (Fake It Til You Make It) is one helluva club-tailored track, with its heavy electro vibes and a sprinkle of GaGa. Lolene warbles about walking, talking, and basically doing everything like she's rich, but she "ain't got no money" (insert "fake it til you make it" chant here). Included below is a first look at lovely Lolene's album, The Electrick Hotel (wait for the Lionheart bit, it's FAB).

Listen to Rich:

Get your FREE copy HERE. Sorry guys, you're too late.

A first look at The Electrick Hotel:

BOOM, baby.

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