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Swedish popstrel Kerima has set her sights on cracking the mean US market, and she's come with a dance smash perfect for summer parties. She may look like your typical pop tart, but Kerima Holm has written songs for many artists, including Swedish Idol winner Agnes Carlsson, selling two million records to date (ooh la la). She aims to be the biggest Swedish import since Ace of Base with This Night. The Eric LeTennen-produced track is a total club stomper, sleek and easy on the ears. It sounds very euro, but not to the point that it alienates the American listener.

This song is so genuinely 'clubby' that if you noticed I implied the same thing over and over in the paragraph above. Oh dear, this is another one of those 'close but not quite' artist features/reviews (which is actually a good thing, by the way).

Now available on iTunes.

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