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Maroon 5. I was ten years old back then when I heard This Love on the radio and had seen the video (the 'clean' one, obviously) on telly, and to this day the track, along with the album Songs About Jane, is still on constant repeat. In my first week of blogging I've wondered where they've gone to, and I've been patiently waiting for their highly-anticipated comeback. I squealed in delight when 12 seconds of the track leaked, so imagine how I must feel now that their brand new single is not only available for listen, but also for purchase!

Let's cut straight to it. Misery is by all means a proper Maroon 5 single. It certainly doesn't stray away from their previous material; the guitar riff still possesses it's signature funk, Adam Levine still manages to make me swoon with his voice, and the song talks about bad relationships. All is right with the world. I feel like Misery lies between the Songs About Jane and It Won't Be Soon Before Long eras, balancing bluesy sounds and fun pop vibes. And with a chorus catchier than the flu, the radio is sure to be Maroon 5's best friend. True, it may not cover new grounds, but Adam and the boys are doing mighty fine on this territory.

Listen now:



Now available on iTunes.

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