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Two brand new tracks have spawned from Xenomania house drummer now aspiring pop star Florrie, and both of them are terribly good! If you've no clue who Florrie is, here are a few "fun facts": 1) She's been playing the drums since she was seven; 2) She's played drums on the BRIT Award-winning single The Promise by Girls Aloud and a number of tracks for Kylie, Mini Viva, Alex Gardner, and the Pet Shop Boys; 3) Florrie is STILL unsigned; and 4) OMG DOWNLOAD ALL HER MUSIC FOR FREE! I bet that last one was quite fun, wasn't it?

Come Back To Mine feat. Moguai
Quite the club stomper. Featuring brilliant production from German DJ Moguai, Come Back To Mine has synthastic lasers going "PEW PEW PEW" (Seriously!). This is the same guy who worked on Mini Viva's Bedroom Viber. That, in itself, says a lot about quality.

Get your free download here!

Fascinate Me (Fred Falke Edit)
Fred Falke once again teams up with Florrie and imprints Fascinate Me with his ever-genius synths and emerges with an electropop triumph in hand. Is it just me or does this track sound a little like Girls Aloud circa Tangled Up? That's certainly not a bad thing (it makes me even love it more), but the verses are very much GA-esque.

Get your free download here!


MORE free tracks here! (I'm not kidding!)

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