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I've scrapped quite a lot of intros to find one that manages to appropriately describe the brilliance that is Aphrodite, and I hadn't settled for any of those so I figured I'd just tell it straight. IT IS AMAZING. This isn't one of those 'serious' reviews, just a few (and rather jumbled) thoughts I have about the LP.

It starts off with the magical single that is All The Lovers, and it feels like a warm shimmery welcome to a world chock-full of never ending dance madness. Get Outta My Way, single number two, is incredibly exultant and I admit I held my hands up in the air throughout the track. The "oh oh oh" bits are GENIUS and the video for Wow somehow comes to mind (plus the word 'zombie' makes an appearance). Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) keeps the momentum going, with the verses slowly building up to a HIGHLY danceable chorus, and after the impressive middle eight a sparkly ringer-worthy melody (much like the one in All The Lovers) manages to take the track a notch higher.

Stepping out of the feelgood rave vibes, Closer makes use of harpsichords efficiently and is one of the more subtle tracks in the LP. It's the sort of Kylie I'm fond of: breathy and sensual. A gorgeous midtempo in the form of Everything Is Beautiful follows. The lyrics are captivating, and the entirety of the track ethereal. Aphrodite, the title track (obviously), starts off with marching band sounds that are continuously present in the duration of the track. It's eargasm-inducing in its fierceness and arguably the best in the album. Putting Illusion after one of the most powerful songs in the LP doesn't seem fair. It's got a generally decent instrumental but comes off a little stale.

Better Than Today screams Scissor Sisters with a tinge of Dolly Parton, and at parts quite suitable for line dancing. A little awkward for my ears. Kylie goes back to the rave element in Too Much, the perfect club anthem that's beckoning to be remixed. Cupid Boy is another massive track. The hook is reminiscent of Boombox, and fortunately the resemblance ends there. I had a 'Kylie moment' when I heard the snippet, so it's easily one of my favorites. Looking For An Angel is a welcome change in pace, bringing back the bliss the first tracks have projected. Can't Beat The Feeling is the ideal album ender. It closes Aphrodite on a high and even in its undeniable enthusiasm, a splinter of sadness sneaks itself in as one of the most highly-anticipated albums of 2010 comes to its conclusion.

Aphrodite is indeed a filler-free LP. It's quick-paced, and the tracks range from above average to mind-blowingly amazing. One word to sum it up: EUPHORIC.

Highlights: Get Outta My Way, Closer, Everything Is Beautiful, Aphrodite, Cupid Boy

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  1. rcLoy says:

    Aphrodite is indeed a filler-free LP. That is one strong statement that I have agree with. And please welcome me to the Cupid Boy party. I love that track even though much of the blog community doesn't really fancy it much or don't think it's good enough. LOL. One of the best album of this year! :)

  2. Kylie's still very beautiful...

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