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I bet you almost wet your pants after reading that title.

After giving us Invisible Light and releasing Fire With Fire as the first single, the Scissor Sisters have 30-second snippets of each track on Night Work for us! Most of the songs favor toward the Invisible Light sound (either way it would still be brilliant). Slick electropop at its finest.

1. Night Work
2. Whole New Way
3. Fire With Fire
4. Any Which Way
5. Harder You Get
6. Running Out
7. Something Like This
8. Skin This Cat
9. Skin Tight
10. Sex and Violence
11. Night Life
12. Invisible Light
Tracks I'm looking forward to: Night Work, Any Which Way, Running Out, Something Like This, Skin Tight

Release Date: June 28th

And just when you've been blown out of your wits with that tasty Scissters sampler, pop goddess Kylie Minogue shares a six-track megamix from Aphrodite!

It includes:
Get Outta My Way
Cupid Boy
Too Much
Can't Beat The Feeling
Put Your Hands Up
Cupid Boy is by far THE track to watch out for. Actually the whole damn megamix is beyond amazing and dance-inducing. The wait is killing me.

Release Date: July 5th

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