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Triple BRIT Award-winning New York band Scissor Sisters have unleashed the first single to Night Work entitled Fire With Fire. As far as mainstream success goes, Jake Shears and his lot aren't that well-loved in their home country, with their last album peaking at #19 on the Billboard 200. Europe, however, especially the UK, begs to differ, with both albums hitting #1.

The Scissor Sisters have always been known for their wistful yet danceable records, and Fire With Fire exactly does that. The piano-led ensemble emulates a dramatic feel to the track, and when the synthesizers slide into the chorus, it creates this rich, mini-explosion of disco which continues all throughout. I can see why Europe loves the Scissor Sisters. What I can't see is how the US traded this brilliance for generic shit. You know what I mean.



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  1. stav says:

    Dont worry, we have our fair share of generic shit in the UK too. This sounds great though could do well in US

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