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Ry Cuming interview

A month ago I introduced a lovely Australian artist that goes by the name of Ry Cuming. A surfer and musician at heart, Ry's mellow attitude made him all 'pleasantries' to chat to.

Hello, Ry! How are you?
I'm goooooood!!! Im in a hotel in Ohio, on the way to Texas tomorrow... tour is on. The ocean was amazing with swell while I was home in California, and now music. So I'm doing both things I love.

I have to ask. What's your current top priority: music or pro surfing?
I was never a pro surfer. Competed and done well in that but competition was never my thing with surfing... or music really. I surf everyday I am home... the ocean is my home in a lot of ways, and then music everyday too... like a breathe in and a breathe out... I love them both equally.

I love how your songs aim straight to the heart, especially Always Remember Me. How was it like to work with Sara Bareilles (whom I love, by the way)?
Thank you. I really try to be honest in my writing... feel like it's best to write and sing from my own comings and goings in love and life. Sara is amazing... a true artist and talent in the world. I'm lucky to call her a friend of mine and loved working with her. I'd love to do it again anytime. She came into the studio and it was effortless... a really nice way to share that song.

Also, you've worked with Maroon 5 and had gone on tour with them. How was that like?
Again, I get to call those guys friends, which is really important. I love playing music and creating music with friends and other people I connect to in music. That's what it's all about. Jesse came and played on the album and we write and hang a lot... then getting invited on tour with them was amazing... really special to walk out on those big stages and play to people that love music.

Is there any artist you're planning to collaborate with in the near future?
There are so many!!! I'd love to work with many people in different styles. But what's important to me is it happening naturally... there is a lot of collaboration in music right now which is exciting. I'm always open to it.

What was the inspiration behind your self-titled album?
It's very much a real life account of the last few years of my life: love, heartbreak, travel, new experiences... thoughts on the world... I'll leave you to work out which songs are for which... Hahaha!

Describe Ry Cuming as an artist in three words.
This is hard to do... I'm afraid any three words I will write will seem strange...

Maybe... Love, life, lone.

Do you keep up with the charts? Who's your current favorite on there?
I'm going to be honest here. I'm really not up to date on the charts. I don't know the YouTube sensations. I don't own a TV... but I do love a lot of music coming out right now. I think the beauty of the way music is currently is that charts mean less. It's coming back to the music world of the 70s in artists playing live and writing and creating... then the mix in of online and independent labels... so much going on... I always try to keep my ear to the ground though!

To those who are new to your music, please tell them what they're missing.
I guess I'm trying to give what those before me gave to me... soul, amazing music, growth, things to inspire and to love... Jeff Buckley and Marvin Gaye... Tom Petty and Prince... so much music to love. Maybe I can live anywhere in that vast and beautiful world of music.

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