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Ry Cuming
Or in this case, don't judge an artist by his name.

Hailing from the land Down Under, Ry Cuming loves nothing more than the beaches of his coastal home. Ever since he took to his father's surfboard at the age of three, he has dedicated most of his time on the water, going professional and picking up sponsorships along the way.

Though his devotion to surfing is rock-solid, music comes a close second, slowly crawling its way up. And the way his songs sound so far, Ry Cuming has every reason to put his tunes on top priority. He's achieved two Australian Dolphin Awards for Best Pop Song and Best New Artist, plus a musical appearance alongside Maroon 5 in the movie Hoot. ALL of these things happened before his self-titled album was released.

Ry Cuming's lax attitude reflects profoundly in his music. Some Kind of Love is perfect for the summer, a dashboard tune as I'd say. The album is filled with rich, feelgood, pop/rock songs that emulate a little bit of Jeff Buckley, Ry Cuming's most prominent influence. Always Remember Me is a beautiful, intimate, acoustic number with Sara Bareilles lending her ever-stunning vocals to the track. Ry turns Chris Martin-esque in Is This Love, and veers towards dark rock n' roll in the tantalizing Chemistry. Soaring choruses are nothing amiss, especially in City of Lights where Ry tugs on a few heartstrings as he croons about a long-distance relationship.

Lyric-wise, Ry Cuming asserts himself as a romantic, citing that relationships and girls have always been sources of inspiration for his craft. Ry Cuming possesses a certain 'mainstreamness' and familiarity that makes it easy for us to warm to his music.

Always Remember Me

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