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Xenomania-house-drummer-turned-aspiring-popstar Florrie has been present in a number of my posts. This is because a) I'm a sucker for free music; b) she is very very promising; c) ALL of her songs available for download are either above average or amazing; and d) Florrie kicks arse at drumming.

If you look here, you'll find some "amazemular music" courtesy of this unsigned star-to-be. And guess what folks, she's done it again! Two new tracks in a single week. Very good ones, if I may add.

Give Me Your Love features fast-paced drumming and is probably the most "organic" Florrie song yet (Am I making any sense?). The guitar riff gives a lovely touch to it, and the piano brushes throughout the track adds a certain depth that bodes well for Florrie's cool vocals.

You Wanna Start Something. Like Fascinate Me, it sounds like a Girls Aloud track circa Tangled Up. It resembles a lot of the sounds on that album, which is a compliment in itself. The pacing is quite upbeat (typical Florrie) and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. AGAIN with the amazing guitar riffs!

So far, Florrie has six tracks available for download (in various formats too!) and ALL OF THEM are worth your time. Seriously. I haven't the slightest clue of where Florrie's going with this 'free for fans' approach, but the music she gives off are so poptastic it makes me forget about all the 'SIGN THIS GIRL UP' hullabaloo.

Get your FREE Florrie downloads here!

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