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It's the UK MIDWEEKS! Diana Vickers told Digital Spy she'd be #1 next week, but things aren't looking bright as Once slips down two spots, behind Usher's OMG and a new entry from Roll Deep, Good Times, which is at the tip of the pyramid. Plan B remains strong at #4, while Chip and Esmée slip down two spots to #5. In the albums, however, Usher is set for a #1 UK debut with Raymond VS Raymond, with Plan B's The Defamation of Strickland Banks and Glee's The Power of Madonna trailing behind.

In other news, the gang from Cobra Starship premiered their self-proclaimed "viral video", called Living in the Sky With Diamonds, which is actually pretty good. Check it out here.

Oh, and take a gander at the Alphabeat single sleeve for DJ (I Could Be Dancing), to be released on May 31st. Here's the video for it as well. (It looks amazing, btw)

That's all.

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