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Maroon 5 Give A Little More
Like Maroon 5's previous single Misery, I wasn't completely taken when I first heard Give A Little More. I kept seeking a sonic climax that would blow me out of the water and thought that it lacked 'oomph' when I found none. After a few (JUST around 30) listens, the track had won me over.

Give A Little More starts off with distinct, noteworthy drumming layered over with the familiar Maroon 5 guitar riff. As it goes into the verse, we notice that it's actually less funk and more sultry, and sexy crooning is what Adam does best, e? The beauty of the track lies in its overall flow (Am I making any sense here?) and its not-so-mainstream sound. The groovy accents give a much-appreciated zing to the dominant sensual ambiance, which would've made it too serious.



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  1. ADAM says:

    In my opinion, this is the single I was waiting for. It has all the elements of maroon 5, and doesn't sound like the same songs on there older music.

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