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A while back, I vowed to "GO MAD AND SPLASH VIRTUAL SCALDING TEA" on a certain artist's record label if they as so much dare to layer her vocals with autotuning. That 'certain artist' is no other than Pop from the Block's favorite not-so-new-on-the-music-scene-but-still-a-newcomer artist Emma Deigman, or Edei for short. I've already sang praises for her incredibly good upcoming debut single In My Bed, and I feel that it's due time for a proper (or something remotely close to that) artist feature.

As I've mentioned above (You ARE paying attention, aren't you?) she's no stranger to the music scene. Edei has toured with Britain's favorite girlband Girls Aloud under her less-preferred lengthier name and gets inspiration from pop legends like the late Michael Jackson and contemporary ones who can "really sing" like Christina Aguilera. Working with the same team who discovered and developed the Grammy award-winning Joss Stone, Emma Deigman is in pretty good hands if I say so myself. Her debut album, Inside Information, is in the "polishing" stage and will be raring to go in the autumn. I've been given some 'inside information' (SEE WHAT I DID THERE) and got to listen to two more songs from the LP including the title track, which still has the In My Bed vibe (blues with a tinge of jazz instrumentals and the oh-so soulful vocals), though Inside Information possesses a certain seriousness and depth, slightly old school but enticingly so. Don't get her wrong though, Edei is NOT all doom-and-gloom. We move on to a happier tune in Anyone Could Happen To Me as Edei shows her hopeless romantic side crooning, "I could be walking on the street looking at my feet when the perfect guy bumps into me".

Edei's distinction is definitely her rich, powerful voice. She's ventured into a genre that fits her to a 'T', and I'm longing for these type of songs to storm the charts once again. Edei combines the frisky effervescence of pop and plays it with the right amount of soul, a delicate balance she's holding very well.

All I can say is... WATCH THIS SPACE, people.

»Watch the video for In My Bed.

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