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Emma Deigman (squish those together and that's what she goes by now. View left arm above.) is an incredible breath of fresh air. She's toured with UK's mighty superstars Girls Aloud and captivated crowds with her pop/funk/soul sound. Helping Edei polish her debut effort Inside Information are Misreid and Conner Reeves, whose writing credits include Joss Stone, Tina Turner, and Westlife. I like the sound of that.

In My Bed, Edei's debut single fits entirely to my appeal. Old school-style instrumentals? Check. Enticingly soulful vibe? Check. Decent lyrics? Check. Genuinely strong vocals? Check! Now don't get me wrong (I know for a fact you lot are quite judgemental), In My Bed is entirely relevant to today's music scene (as it is quite riddled with 80's inspired records anyway). Another thing that I admire about Edei is that she sings with conviction. Her powerful pipes work hand in hand with the pop/funk/soul genres she's aiming for, and if her record label layers her gorgeous voice with autotuning I WILL GO MAD AND SPLASH VIRTUAL SCALDING TEA ON THEM. Puerh tea would be lovely.

This doesn't exactly make a proper artist feature, nor does it just review the song. Oh well, let it lie in the middle. It/She is brilliant anyway.

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