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YES, that is an actual screencap from the video. Your Love Is My Drug is one of the standout tracks in Ke$ha's debut album Animal, and the video is just pure fun. It's the ultimate summer anthem, much like Katy Perry's California Gurls. The single cover does no justice to the music video, and though it's quite the club track, I'm not bothered by the African desert setting, and the cartoony bits are magical. OF COURSE, the infamous luminescent paint is ever-present as the video swirls into a kaleidoscope of colors enough to make you high (which is presumably the gist of it). It's fun, it has elephants, Ke$ha turns into a cartoon mermaid, the end. (Read on for the video)

Oh, and did you know...

that Ke$ha was in Katy Perry's video for I Kissed a Girl? I bet you didn't. Okay, maybe some of you did.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    aus sng vid tita ah.,hahaha

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