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After TiK ToK invaded every nook & cranny of the radio and smashed international charts, Ke$ha became known as the trashy GaGa, the drunken master of autotune and white chick rapping. Now on her third single, Ke$ha goes a notch higher in Your Love Is My Drug, which was cowritten by her mum Pebe Sebert, resulting in one helluva catchy song.

Though I have my aversion for heavily autotuned tracks, and the synths might be a little redundant all throughout, but Your Love Is My Drug is probably THE best on Animal. No matter how most of Animal's songs contrast with my taste in music, it finds itself being constantly played because the chorus is so damn good. Your Love Is My Drug trumps TiK ToK and Blah Blah Blah by a mile.

Have a listen:

Image via JustJared

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