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Diana Vickers My Wicked Heart
One of our favorite past X Factor finalists, Diana Vickers, goes for a circus-inspired video ensemble in her latest single, My Wicked Heart, which is about one-night stands and sexual attraction. It's a quirky little number, with brass sections, odd pauses, and as per usual, Diana's raspy, 'stumbly' voice. My Wicked Heart is set for release on October 17th and will aid in the re-release of her #1 debut album, Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree.

Watch the video on YouTube here.

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  1. Goat says:

    Vickers stated she had listened to “Under the Bridge” shortly before writing the vocal line for “My Wicked Heart”, and admitted that she had noticed the resemblance but decided against changing it. However, Vickers defended this decision stating it is only a “tiny snippet with different chords”.

    …”tiny snippet with different chords”? It’s the CHORUS and it’s NOTE-FOR-NOTE! Her voice is so fake and put on that the lyrics are inaudible, which makes it sound like a true Chili Pepper cover. Talentless, lying thief!

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