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Sky FerreiraWe should give her what she wants.

Three months back we chatted with up-and-coming popstar Sky Ferreira where she said that she "had to compromise on my album with one song with my label that is very much a big 'pop hit'." Later on we found out that this 'compromise' was to be her debut single in the US market, and it is, as Sky described, a BIG pop hit.

The very well-crafted (and soon to be immense hit) Obsession contains the ingredients of a massive pop song: a guitar riff of epic proportions, intoxicating synths, a soaring chorus, the ever necessary oh-oh-oh's, and smart lyrics. Sky gets quite in-your-face as she growls over her lightbulb microphone, "So here's my confession | This time, I don't just want you to love me | I want to be your obsession." I love how it possesses a certain rock n' roll glam, badass but not pretentiously so.



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