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Remember the little club stomper I featured way back called Blackout? Well the geniuses behind that contagious rave track have been hard at work with their protégé, Samuel, and his debut EP, I Heart NY. So who exactly is Samuel, and why does he heart NY?

Well first off, obviously he IS from the "concrete jungle where dreams are made of", and at an early age took part in a string of bands, garnering some indie label attention. But it was when he met DJ B-Roc of production duo The Knocks that Samuel decided to go solo, and I Heart NY became the product of their partnership.

The three-track EP is incredibly lush, with each track presenting a different perspective and taste, showing off Samuel's versatility. In the title track, Samuel croons an ode to New York, crafting a breezy summer anthem, ridiculously catchy and the rich production is just the cherry on top. Champagne Kisses is an old school soul number with throbbing synths and electric guitar whiffs that send me over the moon. It's got an INSANELY contagious vibe keen on keeping your toes on the dancefloor all night long. Still Here features a string section meshed with shimmery synthesizers and a soaring chorus, creating a mini explosion of pop.

It's ludicrous how this pop-star-to-be manages to pull three equally brilliant yet totally dissimilar tracks whilst preserving that 'Samuel' element essential in maintaining a certain 'togetherness' in the EP(that DOES make sense, right?). The level of potential in I Heart NY is CRAZY HIGH, and it won't surprise me if Samuel goes on to be a massive success, which I hope he does. A diamond in the rough, this one.

I Heart NY is now available on iTunes, so what are you waiting for?

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  1. Paul says:

    I love the art work and I really like the main song on the EP. It#s got a bit of everything in it! So yay! I love new artists who are actually exciting and promising...

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