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So today marks the first day of college for me, and I know you don't care, but I'm trying to explain the things to expect in the next few months on Pop from the Block. Expect: 1) more 'hurried' posts like this one (because waking up six in the morning everyday is pretty draining); 2) less frequent posts though I WILL try maintaining the blog on a daily basis; 3) maybe a little ranting since school isn't all that fun and I'd very much like to express my rage. Okay, moving on.

Tino Coury is an absolute treat (you DO see it, don't you?) and his latest offering called Diary is one catchy pop stomper that tackles, of course, heartbreak. The hooks are instantaneously infectious (say that ten times). The throbbing synths are sprinkled over with nifty little piano strokes, making a very clean production number. And though the "reading my girlfriend's diary" concept isn't exactly original, the line "paper cut from reading page one" is genius and it's undeniably quite good. Diary is a tune the radio can warm to in an instant, as well as the fussy buying public.

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