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Miike Snow is a Swedish band consisting of Andrew Wyatt and heavy-hitting production team Bloodshy & Avant, who's worked with pop superstars like Kylie Minogue, Madonna, and Britney Spears. Pretty impressive, huh? I actually heard of these guys just recently through Sky Ferreira when she covered their brilliant track Animal (I'm so lame, I know.). Though Miike Snow isn't that succesful chart-wise, the tracks these gents give us are impressive, with their ever-present smooth subtle-thumping synths. Upcoming single The Rabbit is no exception to that. It's incredibly sleek, glossy, and there's this weird sensation of the song slowly creeping into my ears... Seriously! The production is unquestionably ace (of course) from the piano strokes at the first few seconds to its heavier synth version throughout. Well done.



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