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Everywhere songstress Michelle Branch teams up with Timbaland and MINI to give us a taste of her much-awaited upcoming third studio album rumored for release later this year. Getaway features Timbaland's signature production (Which is, OF COURSE, pretty fantastic!) and a little mouthed vinyl-on-turntable scratching as well, whilst Michelle Branch definitely brings a feelgood vibe to the track with her slight country twang and well-remembered vocals. Getaway is the kind of song I've been missing on the charts, uplifting but not to the point of "WOOHOO LET'S PARTY TIL THE BREAK OF DAWN AND GET DRUNK LIKE HELL 'COS I DON'T CARE". 'Interesting' would be an understatement for this track that manages to show both Timbaland's signature synths and the distinct Michelle Branch sound we all embrace. (I'm loving the sparkly tune at the 1:50 mark by the way.)

Single release date TBA.



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