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I wasn't quite enthusiastic about Lee Ryan's comeback offering Secret Love, where Lee opted to ride the neon-lit thumping electropop bandwagon that does not compliment his voice at all, to put it subtly. I'm not going to dwell on that, so moving on. This July 5th, 1/4 of Blue will be releasing a double-A side record, and I'm happy to say the other half of Secret Love has Lee back in his element.

I Am Who I Am is a stirring ballad originally written by a British indie band called Ben's Brother. The instrumental is beautiful in its simplicity, complementing the wistful tone of Lee's vocals, and the end of the chorus is chilling as Lee croons, "it all falls down". The thing I love about I Am Who I Am is that it draws you in, and the 'almost bare' backing gives it a certain sincerity most can't pull off. Brilliant track.

Watch the video below:

Poor Lee gets egged!



Someone's feeling a little generous today, I wonder why.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Its a beautiful song sang simply and beautifully. I need a copy of this ASAP

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