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Nothing says a debut track than labeling it after your own name, eh?

Swedish girlband Love Generation was formed with the help of 'HOLY CRAP I WANT MUSICAL BABIES WITH THIS GUY' producer RedOne (You know those tracks with the artists saying 'red hwaaaahn' at the beginning? Yes, those.) who's had multiple production hits (just in case you haven't noticed the 'red hwaaaahn' AT ALL) with artists such as Lady Gaga (Just Dance, Poker Face, LoveGame, Bad Romance, Alejandro), Little Boots (Remedy), Pixie Lott (Here We Go Again), Sean Kingston (Fire Burning), ad infinitum.

But enough of RedOne! Love Generation is hoping to make quite a splash on the music scene with the unveiling of their debut single under the same name. The production value is unsurprisingly exceptional, and I wish I could say the same about the lyrics but "I need somebody to love me, you need somebody too. Don't you wanna dance with me? I wanna dance with you." doesn't exactly scream creative. It's incredibly cheesy at parts, but the da-da-das are GENIUS (as in 'let me put this bit on loop forever' sort of genius). It might sound familiar to keen ears (Does Let Me Think About It by Ida Corr and Fedde Le Grand ring a bell?). Whilst it doesn't exactly make a great first impression with its overly enthusiastic pop vibe, the chorus will grow on you like a manic fungal infection. (You don't exactly use that term to promote a song now, do you?)

Love Generation on MySpace.
on Twitter.
on Facebook.

The official website.

A "proper" intro to the girls will come when I can dig up some more articles on them.

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