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Delphic, as some of my dear readers might already know (I hope I have some!), is on my 2010 Watchlist. Their debut LP Acolyte was hailed as one of the early great albums of 2010, with its innovative alternative dance sound and "fast-paced drumming, guitar riffs, and electrosynth dabbles" as I've said. Doubt is still one of my favorite tracks to date, and imagine my delight when these generous lads offered a free download of its acoustic version, along with three more tracks!

NO, I'M NOT DREAMING/HALLUCINATING. Delphic's official website is giving us a free four-track EP including a Tim Goldsworthy edit of their debut single Counterpoint, one that's not on Acolyte called Wake, the acoustic version of Doubt as I've mentioned, and an extended remix of This Momentary. Besides the fact that it's 100% bloody free, all four of these are very very good. I sense an eargasm!

Get your FREE download here!

Thanks to Jio for the heads up.

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