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Before anything else, 1) NO, the first winner of American Idol ISN'T joining the glee club over at William McKinley High; and 2) if you didn't get that then I'm sorry to say that you've been living in a cave and need to get out ASAP.

Anyway, it's safe to assume that Kelly Clarkson seems to be headed in a new musical direction in her future endeavors, what with the plethora of leaked tracks that show... a different kind of Kelly. The latest one is called Ready To Go, and if you thought Wash, Rinse, Repeat and Dance were autotuned abominations, then prepare yourself for the MOTHERLOAD. Not only does "the Lance Armstrong of vocal cords" ride the wave of the very 'in' electropop, but decides to record songs Ke$ha-style. Ready To Go is 1/9 Kelly and 8/9 robot, plus she channels the Katy Perry in her with the song going, "I know you got cha' girl but I think she's d-d-diggin' me". Girl-on-girl, anyone?

Despite of all the hoopla, Ready To Go isn't actually a bad song (reminds me of some Britney, to be honest). It's just not the same Kelly we're used to hearing. Good luck with that vocoder, dear.

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