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Mini Viva is one of my favorite acts from the UK. Britt Love and Frankee Connolly have been consistently good with critically-praised singles Left My Heart in Tokyo and I Wish. Tokyo peaked at #7 on the UK charts, and I thought I Wish would follow as it is on the same level of quality and greatness as the debut single, but the wistful record only received a #72 high. Now the girls are on to their third single, One Touch, and I'm quite fond of this track. It was featured as the song of the day way back in March, and it's only now that I'm giving it a proper review because this track needs and deserves a little more attention from the buying public. So let's get right into it.

Of course, this track had been written down and produced by Xenomania, and once again, Brian Higgins worked his magic. One Touch is a fun-filled record with a cheeky lyric going, "I'm not afraid of no love, and I rock you any way that I want". The synth backing is incredibly good, and a little heavy around the verses, but it's negligible. The middle eight features a little rapping from the girls, followed by the track highlight "AAAAAAAW!" from Britt. The little vocoder "takes me over" bits inserted in the last part of the track add more pizazz to the already amazing club stomper. And with lines like "hips, lips, fashion status" nothing can go wrong.

One Touch is out now, and I recommend you buy it. It's awfully tragic how unsuccessful the single is, no matter how much Pop Justice and Digital Spy among other credible sites have praised it.



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