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What a shitty single cover. That doesn't certainly seem right to start off a review, but in this case it's quite fitting. Jack the Lad Swing—JLS give us a first taste to their upcoming second album, and with two #1 singles under their belt, plus a #1 album, we'd expect some sort of mind-blowing track but instead we get The Club Is Alive (with the sound of muuuuuusic!).

Ten seconds into the track and a "WTF" escaped my mouth. It's absolutely ridiculous. Is this what Julie Andrews would sound like if she were in a pop/R&B boy band manufactured off The X Factor trying to ride along the eurotrash train? I think not. The verses do nothing at all to ease the... aberration of the chorus. If I had to choose the best part of the song, it would be the hook—minus the hackneyed lyrics. There's a really awful bit in the chorus that somehow manages to add insult to injury when the autotuning just goes haywire. The track has already been autotuned to death, why still shoot it in the head afterwards? Despite my dislike (let's not call it hate) for The Club Is Alive, I have to applaud the lads for taking a little risk, rather than going for some boring R&B yawner.



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