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If you've been missing out the past few months on the music scene, then I oblige you to keep on reading. If you DO know what's been happening, or you just think you do, read. Because you might have missed out on something. So what exactly has been circling 'round the radio waves?

HURTS. The very polished-looking duo from Manchester are making pretty great music with their slick back hair and snazzy suits. Which would probably appear strange at first, but if you ride on with it and give a listen to Better Than Love, they're actually proper artists however formal their attire goes. Even if they finished fourth in the BBC Sound of 2010 poll, these lads are taking slow steps in releasing their album, much unlike their peers (Does Ellie Goulding ring a bell? How about Marina?)

ELLIE GOULDING. Speaking of the poll topper, she's still gasping for air with current single Guns and Horses (this is only because she'll be going on tour soon). After releasing her much-anticipated, highly-pressured debut album Lights on March, it went straight to #1 despite the mixed reviews from critics. Her best-charting single to date is Starry Eyed, peaking at #4, so why don't you go ahead and and hear it for yourself.

B.O.B. Oh, come on. If you haven't heard Nothin' On You by this rapper and Bruno Mars, you must be living in some sort of cave! The Adventures of Bobby Ray debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 despite leaking days before. It (momentarily) rekindled my love for hip hop, and the artists featured on the tracks are quite the eclectic mix. For starters, there's Hayley Williams of Paramore on Airplanes, Eminem joins in for Airplanes Part II, heck, even Rivers Cuomo of Weezer is in the track Magic.

GABRIELLA CILMI. A very different girl emerged from the studio with her sophomore effort, Ten. The Sweet About Me Aussie songstress took on the 80's in the said LP, with singles On A Mission and Hearts Don't Lie giving off these vibes. To be honest, I wasn't much of a fan at first, but the change grew on me and I found myself bopping along to Hearts Don't Lie more often than not. (Also I heard Defender is being considered as the next single so it's a good change in pace for those who haven't gotten used to this "new Cilmi")

ROBYN. Fembot is great in all its glory—but when you hear Dancing On My Own, you're bound to throw all your cares away and dance to this wistful disco track that "manages eurotrash dabbles here and there without coming off cheap and annoying". (Oh look I'm quoting myself.) Anyway, after five years of sitting around, the Swedish sensation will be releasing, not one, not two, but THREE albums this year. Watch out.

To be continued...

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