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A six-time ARIA award winner, Aussie singer/songwriter Gabriella Cilmi wowed us all when she released Sweet About Me, her debut single back when she was sixteen, and has been dubbed as "the next Amy Winehouse" by the critics. Two years later comes On A Mission, the flagship for Ten, her sophomore album.

Ten proves to be an experimental album, with the first three tracks sounding completely different from her Lessons to be Learned LP. Cilmi ventures into more dance-y, electro vibes with songs like On A Mission, Hearts Don't Lie, and Superhot.

Like her previous record, Ten has a mature sound for a girl at such an age. The only distinct connections between the two albums are Cilmi's impressive vocals and songs like Love Me Cos You Want To, Defenders, Glue, and Superman. Individually, the tracks are above average, but there seems to be a lack of uniformity amongst them, e.g. Defenders and On A Mission sound like two different artists with the same vocal ability. The only track I'm quite disappointed with is What If You Knew due to its weak chorus. Let Me Know and Superman best demonstrate the Amy Winehouse-like resemblance of Gabriella Cilmi.

All in all, Ten is an album worth listening to. There are many dimensions to it, which can confuse us in Cilmi's preferred type of music, but the tracks make up for it in quality and pure pop goodness.


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