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2010 is all about electrosynths, and Natasha Bedingfield definitely knows so. Touch is quite a shift from Nat's previous albums, delving more into danceable instrumentals (rather than something about wanting to have babies). Actually, the verses are nothing special, but once Touch gets to the chorus, Natasha Bedingfield's amazing vocal prowess emerges in its full glory (that sounds a little over-the-top but it's really not) and it's so amazingly uplifting that I'm tempted to cut out the chorus and put it on loop for eternity. It almost (but not quite) makes up for the rap-ish verses, but all in all Touch is a great track that's keen on keeping our interest until the release of the album, which I hope will be soon because this new direction Natasha Bedingfield is headed has smash potential.



TOUCH is available for purchase on iTunes.

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