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The Dirty Disco
"If you fucked up and you know it clap your hands!" That's a line from The Dirty Disco's track White Room, which Adam K. described as "tongue in cheek galore and lots of fun". Now, kids, I know they look a tad bit scarier than Adam Lambert and a little less than Lé GaGa, but don't let the guyliner put you off, because these Brit lads go way deeper than the punk/rock aura they emanate.

The Dirty Disco's debut/introductory single Sista! was well-received as it peaked at #21 on the iTunes Dance chart and went to #1 on the Juno Indie/Dance chart. They've headlined sold-out shows showcasing their bursting-at-the-seams level of energy on stage, wowing the crowds. If you've been searching for fresh music in the electro/rock genre, then look no further, because The Dirty Disco will give you a uniquely glamorous, highly-electrifying, disco ball-shattering, shimmer-induced ride that will make you dance until your feet hurt so bad you'll have to get a cast and—(let's not get carried away now.)

It's quite rare to see bands that at the very start of their careers have already developed their own sound and image (without label execs pushing them around). The Dirty Disco's avant garde manner of presenting punk/electro/dance records is very refreshing, and definitely eye-catching. If GaGa were a five-piece band, this is what she'd be.

Here's the video for Sista! (I almost thought Adam was going to devour my soul. FIERCE!)

Also, here's The Dirty Disco's upcoming kick-in-the-shin second single White Room. (See that little arrow on the right? Yes, you can download the track for FREE!) This is a remix, by the way.

Penguin Prison has also made a bootleg mashup of the track above called Penguin in a White Room, and it's fantastic as well! (Available for free download)

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