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Aubrey Graham, more likely known as Canadian singer/rapper Drake has released a mini movie music video for his second single off Thank Me Later (TBR June 15th) entitled Find Your Love. The track co-written and produced by Kanye West can pose as one from his 2008 album 808s & Heartbreaks, possessing the same beats and showing off Drake's versatility, much like what Kanye did in Heartless. Find Your Love has Drake trading in his rapping for smooth-as-silk, R&B/pop singing, and the flow from the sparse drums and piano strokes in the verses to the very end of the record is effortless. The only notable flaw is the absence of Drake's lyrical ability, with the lines "I better find your loving, I better find your heart" almost abused throughout the course of the track.

The video, directed by Anthony Mandler (Does Russian Roulette ring a bell?), deserves a mention for attaching a story behind Find Your Love in a Slumdog Millionaire-esque, suspense-ridden, forbidden love manner that doesn't only entertain, but also adds volume to the song.



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