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Math 101: Chipmunk plus Esmée Denters equals one pretty damn good track. Period. The Brit rapper who acquired his stage name from a friend who joked him about his teeth personally enlisted Denters, Justin Timberlake's Dutch pop prodigy, after holding back the song for 'the right voice'. And as far as collabs go, unlikely as it is, this is one to remember.

Digital Spy called it "a match made in hip-hop heaven", and true enough Esmée compliments Chipmunk's rapping perfectly. The production is clean, pure, and it doesn't overwhelm after a listen, which makes it one of those songs you can put on loop and never get tired of (rare nowadays). And just when you've had enough of CM's verses, Esmée swoops in and delivers an impressive hook and slides into the chorus with her smooth-as-silk vocals. True enough, it isn't one of those WOW, in-your-face tracks, but one of those that could withstand a couple of months on airplay and still sound good. Why Until You Were Gone can stand for more than a couple of listens is beyond me, but whatever formula Chipmunk concocted, it works. (Read on for the video)



Release date: NOW! (I am actually making a pitch saying you BUY IT! NOW!)

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  1. WHOAA! Thank you for posting this. XD

  2. @James: NP. This track is so damn good.

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