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Leave it to New York indie band The Drums to bring us a tune about a dead friend in quite a cheery mood (that doesn't sound like a disaster, btw). Ranked number 5 on the BBC Sound of 2010 poll, The Drums are subject to high expectations, and they do make good music.

Best Friend opens bluntly with the lines, "You're my best friend, but then you died when I was 23 and you were 25" with vocalist Jonathan Pierce coming in through the window and popping out some dance moves that would put Britney and Madonna to shame in the video. The Drums sound like a proper indie band, with vocal similarities to The Smiths, geeky in the sense that they don't exactly follow the trend these days and instead crawl through windows and do some model posing.

Though the lyrics might suggest something mournful and dreary, the arrangement and the beat of it suggests the opposite. The wonder of it all is how they make it work. Brilliant.

Here's the video:



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