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Okay, okay. This might be two weeks in already, but Brit group/duo (more on that later) The Pipettes bring us the proper single for their upcoming album Earth vs. Pipettes (TBR June 28th), entitled Stop the Music (TBR April 19th), after their aptly titled teaser Our Love Was Saved By Spacemen which is basically about aliens wiping the memory off your BF so he can fall in love with you all over again, happily ever after. Yes.

After competing with the Sugababes in "who has the most lineup changes", The Pipettes have now transformed into a duet act with long-time member Gwenno Saunders (2008) and Ani Saunders, Gwenno's younger sister.

Stop the Music sounds more mainstream than most of the past Pipettes' material. Gwenno and Ani harmonize perfectly, and oh, the dancey bits in the video are adorable and awkward and brilliant. And the duo are dolls. That move. And dance with TEACUPS! THIS IS MENTAL!

So now I might come off as someone with a teacup fetish, BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE THE VIDEO IS BLOODY GOOD. SO HERE IT IS.


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