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Back with a shite song, that is. Seriously. After hearing Paper Planes and appearing on the Oscar Best Film Slumdog Millionaire OST, everyone (okay, not really) caught on to her music and expected her future songs to be some sort of Paper Planes 2.0 (guilty here). But anyway, even if it isn't Paper Planes 2.0, Born Free, her latest track, shouldn't be THIS disappointing. It's as if M.I.A. completely amputated all the flairs and sparks that Paper Planes brought to the table. Born Free is one helluva noisy track, with M.I.A. warbling over stomping/drumming/clanging/jangling sounds, and just looks like an utter mess. The video however, gives us some clarity as to what M.I.A. is banging about in the song, with an anti-war/anti-discrimination theme. Is it enough to wipe away the fact that the song sucks? No. But the video does go deeper than Heidi Montag.

CLICK HERE to watch the video.
(WARNING: There are some scenes not suitable for minors)

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