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Scouting for Girls debuts at #1 on the UK charts with This Ain't a Love Song (which I find mind-boggling since it's not very good, eh), pushing Gaga and Honey B to #2.

Also entering the UK charts this week at #3 is rapper-slash-soul singer, Plan B, with She Said, the second single from The Defamation of Strickland Banks, which narrates the life of "a soul man who has something fucked up happen to him".

A singer, songwriter, producer, and remixer at fifteen, mnek (that's em-en-ee-kay) proves to be one hell of a pop prodigy. With musical knowledge far beyond his years, he's made a string of brilliant pop tracks that's bound to be stuck in you head.

Another unsigned artist heavy with potential is Bradley Say. Venturing into the electro, synth-heavy genre (which seems to be 'all the rage' btw), Say worked with producer Laurence Hobbs (Pixie Lott) on his debut album, Seeing Red (release date TBA) which Say has been working on since 2006(!). Tracks like the electro, reggae-infused Wasted and his best song to date, Say What? prove a promising LP from the man who took A WHILE to craft this.

AND LAST BUT (deffo) NOT THE LEAST, here is an excerpt from an artist I may have mentioned a while back. David Homyk takes to the hot seat with our little Q&A. Coming soon.

What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you?
I was sleeping in plasma and a man with rubber gloves pulled me out of a vagina. It just kept getting weirder after that.

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