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David Homyk does everything on his music. And that's no exaggeration. He's a singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, record producer, sound engineer, audio mixer. PLUS he also does acting and modeling (is there anything he doesn't do?). Talented is an understatement for this jack of all trades, who has worked for artists such as Beyoncé, Solange, and Kelly Rowland. The wonder of it all is why he is still unsigned.

True Story, Homyk's first EP, is a six-track, 20-minute long record full of pop goodness. It opens with All in All, showcasing his Timbaland-esque production mixed with acoustics. The style and the wordplay reminds me of Jason Mraz's Geek in the Pink days. Addicted to You, something quite similar to All in All and Knock Knock, a lyrically simple but infectious track, also feature his musicality in guitar playing. From the EP, Hard to Make a Friend is the standout track for me, though everything else comes quite close to it. Now Homyk is on the piano, and I have to applaud his brilliant skill in audio mixing and composing. It Makes You Believe and It's So Easy Now deserve a mention because of (once again) the amazing piano compositions done on them.

Aside from True Story, David Homyk has other brilliant songs up his sleeve. There's Longer Stronger where he is featured by the great Notorious B.I.G. and Summer State of Mind, which as its title suggests, puts us all in a summer state of mind with its euphoric ambiance. I'm pretty sure we can all expect something big in 2010 from this very versatile man.

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Here's Longer Stronger:

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