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Electronic duo Goldfrapp, consisting of Alison Goldfrapp (vocals) and Will Gregory (synthesizer), have once again undergone a makeover in their fifth studio album, entitled Head First. Venturing into the funky synthesizer-heavy era of the 80's, Goldfrapp dives ‘headfirst’ (excuse the bad pun) into sweeping choruses, love couplets, and instrumentals reminiscent of ABBA’s Mamma Mia days.

Opening the LP is the lead single Rocket, an upbeat, synth heavy track with a simple yet effective chorus that goes, “Oh woah, I’ve got a rocket. Oh woah, you’re going on it. Oh woah, you’re never coming back.” Believer is easily my favorite song from the record. The ease of transition into the chorus is brilliant, and the chorus itself addictive. Goldfrapp’s next single, Alive, is quite the euphoric track in the LP, with Alison warbling, “Hello, hello” to the world. I have a fondness towards the somewhat wistful tone of Alison’s voice in Dreaming. Head First, the core of the entire LP, starts off sounding like an ABBA track but shifts in the chorus. Lyrically unimpressive, though I love the whole “head first in love” bit. Hunt has a beautiful melody, the lyrics powerful and the overall outcome haunting. Shiny and Warm is smooth, hypnotic, and lyrically suggestive. Another ABBA reminiscent track is I Wanna Life, which is pretty much the ‘album filler’ though in Head First’s case is a quite decent one. The LP ender, Voicething, sounds like a million of Alisons put together for a bird call, and the only message it’s getting across is ‘finally, the Rocket’s landed’.

Though Goldfrapp has been considered as frontrunners for deviating from the mainstream pop scene, their fifth album effort comes off sounding pedestrian with the likes of Lady Gaga, La Roux, Little Boots emerging in the industry. Head First gives us great yet unsurprising pop tunes. Recommended tracks? Rocket, Believer, Alive, Head First.



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