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Ke$ha - Blow
I finally managed to get out of the cave I've been living in for a week to listen to some new tunes that are probably already in heavy circulation. When TiK ToK came out, I had branded Ke$ha as one of those artists I'd deliberately not listen to, which (sad to say) proved to be inevitable (e.g. this post).


After the insanely addictive Cannibal, another Ke$ha track has surfaced in the name of Blow. Much like a typical Ke$ha song, Blow is a party stomper to the core, and though it's not as lyrically entertaining as Cannibal, Blow does its job well (I know what you're thinking. JUST. NO.)-- it's catchy, uncomplicated, 'what you see (hear?) is what you get' material.

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