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Bellevoxx - Looking For Love
With a name that means "beautiful voice", Bellevoxx has much to live up to. Denisse Lara, Harmony Moniz, and Raquel Houghton have been picked up and signed to W2W Records, founded by legendary White Sox MVP Frank Thomas. Looking For Love, the pop trio's debut single, is a blend of today's synth-riddled production and early 2000's girlband pop. It's terribly catchy and reminiscent of Atomic Kitten's rendition of The Tide Is High.

Buy Looking For Love on iTunes.

Get to know the girls of Bellevoxx:

2 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    The girls are beautiful and talented! They are going to go far in life!! Congrats=)

  2. Brett says:

    Pure pop for the discerning music fan...Infectious beyond words. And the three girls are all drop-dead gorgeous. BelleVoxx = BelleBelles!

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